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Jaime VonReeve

Internationally Beloved Artistic Personality, Writer, and Magic-Maker

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Hello, Stardust.

It’s so nice to see you again!

Again? Yes, of course. We were neighboring particles a long time ago, and have now found our way back together.

I’m a creative explorer from Turtle Island, who found myself waking up Earth-side in the 90s. After some initial turbulence in cults and the closet, I wound up in the right field and have been slinging stories ever since.

Some stories are for the world, and get published! SEE WORKS

Some of my stories are about people, to themselves. Those stay private. SEE SERVICES

Some stories are just for me, but I occasionally share them. SEE CHANNELS

Do you have a story to tell? I expect you do.

In whatever capacity, I can’t wait to hear from you...

– Jaime V.

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free dragons!

*Free to read about, and adopt with your imagination*

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Burn If You’ve Got ‘Em

by Jaime VonReeve

What happens when dragons lose their fire?

Purple Magic Stardust

In this fantasy-wrapped allegory for burnout, VonReeve explores their years in therapy and the sometimes hilarious ways other humans got her there. You might recognize the people you know and even bits of yourself, as VonReeve takes you around the world through mythology, and right to the epicenter of the human condition.

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Death’s Guide

to Living Well

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I've always been surrounded by the passing of Life in all its forms. The character of Death in Discworld helped me longer be afraid, but grow curious and eventually companionable with the idea as a whole.

It’s out of that love that I created something I needed when struck with chronic mystery illness as a young mother, after being a young adult who was trending towards the un-aliving.

This e-course is a practical, loving, colorful and humorous look at end-of-life planning, whatever stage of that you might be at.

For my own self, I'm pleased to say that my relationship with Life is in a more balanced place than ever before! I can honestly say that creating this course helped me get there - perhaps it can for you or someone you care about.

The purchase price includes an instant download package with a set of slides, over TWO HOURS of recorded teaching by yours truly, some printables, and many linked resources. This is the first major work I finished, for and because of the passing of my dear friend, Lucia Christine Gray.

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Prism Refraction

The Unique Manual for Each Universe Inhabitant

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Why can I not sleep at night without you having this product?

Is it because it's going to make me rich $£¢€¥ and take care of all my worries forever?

No, and as a matter of fact I DONT WANT IT TO!!

I don't want this knowledge to be so expensive that People hold themselves back from it or can't afford to gift it.

And I don't want to be so wealthy that I forget what it means to depend on this information like it's your life's blood (because it is).

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Colin Bedell brilliantly said that "your [astral] chart is your love letter from the universe” and to “Live out your love letter".

But I come from the side of the aisle not knowing how I'm even going to live. Not knowing if it's all right for me to live. Not knowing how to live. Or if I want to keep doing so, at times.

I am the person I created this for, someone who has lived hand to mouth and paycheck to paycheck but still doesn't know what's happening from one year to the next. Aside from personal fears and past experiences, I can't reasonably predict what the next season holds. Can you?

Fantasy magic pastel brush glitter

A huge key to my post-traumatic growth, which aided in recovering every single piece of my identity and personhood, was delving deeply into the immutable and unchangeable things about me: astrology and numerology, with the support of colors and gemstones.

This is for every person who has asked why Life doesn't come with a manual.

This is for everyone who has bemoaned their seeming inability to find their purpose, tried to reinvent themselves, been gaslit or fractured, and, as said by Rupi Kaur, is "still trying to make gold out of it.”

There is nothing more noble than that.

ready for your Instructiions?

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Having Fun Yet? 👀

Me TOO!!!

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This *gestures to everything* is something I've wanted to do in my whole life, and honestly I started doing it long before I was ever being paid to. I will also keep doing it, even if no one is there! Ha!!

But you know what, it helps to have the bills paid. Whether that's the tab at the coffee shop for some late night stimulation and internet, or the bills that come with having a family, I want my brain to be free for more creative things and less worry.

I'm still at a point in my life where finances can be a worry, so if you enjoy my work or myself and want to help me out, here's how!

Click the big pink letters to the right, or follow any of the other links and pay signs. Thank you for being here. I mean that.

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Spirit of Place

I respectfully acknowledge that I write from occupied Coast Salish land in the Cascadia watershed, and that the place I live is located on the lands of the Puyallup Tribe. I pay respect to Coast Salish Elders past and present, and extend that respect to their descendants and to all Indigenous people.

To acknowledge this land is to recognize its longer history and my place in that history- including the recognition that this land was not freely ceded to the settlers who claimed it and attempted to wipe out entire cultures.

It is vital to recognize these lands and waters and their significance for the peoples who lived and continue to live in this region, whose practices and spiritualities were and are tied to the land and the water, and whose lives continue to enrich and develop in relationship to the land, waters and other inhabitants today.

[Words borrowed from the Tacoma Rainbow Center]

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What’s up, Starshine?

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